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Systems Launch is based in Perth, Western Australia and provides technical support services to customers operating in the industrial, transportation, and mining sectors in Australia. With particularly strong experience working with IoT and automation systems on locomotives, we have a proven and growing track record of successfully supporting the implementation of industrial technologies across the country. Our technicians are uniquely qualified and experienced in the following fields:

Industrial Technologies

ICT Services

Electrical (EC009354)

We are your digital-industrial implementation partner



Technical Support


Installations and
Field Service


Labor Hire and
Project Management


What makes Systems Launch unique, and why are we the best choice to support your next project? We are not your ordinary ICT service provider, nor are we your everyday Electrical Contracting company. We do however bring together the skills, experience and qualifications from the ICT and Electrical fields and combine them with a total of 6 years experience in the implementation of industrial technologies.

We can:

  • Provide specialist technical advice and engineering support during installation and commissioning
  • Co-ordinate and plan installation activities
  • Develop technical documentation such as installation instructions, maintenance manuals, electrical schematics, hardware designs and cable specifications
  • Manage the procurement of all required parts and materials
  • Provide on-site and remote troubleshooting of systems
  • Perform software testing, installation and configuration
  • Install hardware and electrical systems
  • Manage your entire project
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Systems Launch founder, Jonathan began his career in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) field, before completing an apprenticeship as an electro-technology systems electrician. He has experience from multiple sectors; installing, commissioning and maintaining various technical products, applications and systems with particularly strong experience working with automation and IoT technologies in the rail sector across Australia. Jonathan has 8 years’ experience in technical-lead roles as well as 3 years of business experience. He is a licensed electrician and electrical contractor in Western Australia, holds a bachelor’s degree in Internet Computing, is Cisco Certified and is currently completing his master’s in computer science.

Jonathan oversees all aspects of the business, works closely with clients and the Systems Launch team to ensure that we deliver on our commitment to always provide safe, quality services, on schedule.